Why book with MyPrivateTravel.com?

Huge Selection - over 450.000 hotels!

Our product includes over 450.000 one start to five star hotels with instant availability and maximum room allocation.

Unrestricted Product!

Certain hotels and hotel chains nowadays restrict public consumer sites from publishing rates below their official hotel rates. Because our private members club requires users to login, our rates are not in the public domain and we are therefore able to offer clients a full unrestricted product.

Make Huge Savings!

The unique global business model of MyPrivateTravel, being a network of market-leading local specialists and worldwide most powerful travel wholesalers, enables enormous buying power and ultimately allows us to offer incredibly low rates directly via our website. It is the duty of these providers to continuously negotiate special deals and last minute offers  at the keenest and most competitive prices with hotels for MyPrivateTravel.com portfolio. These deals are passed directly on to you. As hotels generally only sell "rack rates" to the public you will find that booking through MyPrivateTravel service will save you money.

Further, our sophisticated behind the scenes comparison engine compares offers from over 35 wholesale service providers bringing you the very best available deals on hundred thousands of hotels around the world. Additionally our XML technology that drives MyPrivateTravel.com enables cost effective operations allowing us to keep hotel rates low and pass on massive savings to our customers.

Best Deals & Special Offers!

The MyPrivateTravel.com Travel Management team persistently strives to negotiate special deals such as "stay 3 nights, pay for 2", "discounted rates for long stays", "free airport transfer" and promotional prices depending on the seasons and occupancy of hotels.

Full Price Upfront!

All MyPrivateTravel.com rates are final and include all services and taxes. No surprises, no hidden charges. Absolute final rates before you book!

Unique Bonus Reward Program  - Travel & Save!

The MyPrivateTravel Bonus Program is a way for us to reward our loyal customers with even more discounts. For each and every booking you make yourself, your account will be credited with 3 % Bonus Points based on the total value of your booking. Earned bonus points may be used against any future bookings.

Unique Refer & Earn Program - Earn Real Cash!

MyPrivateTravel.com offers a unique opportunity to those wanting to earn easy cash. Simply refer friends and family and earn 3% Referrer Commission on all the bookings your referred accounts make. Yes that's right, we pay commissions each and every-time one of your referred customers make a booking.

We know our Territories!

Each destination under the MyPrivateTravel umbrella is represented by local specialists and professionals. We have networked a superb team of incoming destination travel management firms from all corners of the world to bring you a service like no other!

Service like no other!

Enjoy a personal service like no other! Our internal messaging system enables you to communicate with our customer service team seamlessly.

Book Now & Pay Later!

All MyPrivateTravel customers can make reservation now and pay later. Client credit cards are charged 14 days prior to arrival date or instantly depending on your selection at the time you make the booking. 14 days prior charges are not available for non-refundable bookings and Amex users.


Your credit card details are not stored on MyPrivateTravel.com servers at all, preventing unauthorized users from having access to them. When using MyPrivateTravel.com website to send credit card details, your transmission will be forwarded directly to our banks payment gateway and will be encrypted and protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is a technology that encrypts your information before secure transmission.

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